Dorm Decorating!


Mike Archer (1)

I moved into my dorm last week at UW-Madison. Because I recently got a job as a desk services worker for the residence halls, I moved in two weeks earlier than most people on campus. While this meant that the majority of people on campus were the house follows, desk  employees, and athletes, it also meant that I was the only person moving into my dorm that day and could take my time moving things in.

Prior to moving in, I had of course spent weeks pinning ways to organize my room, different craft decorations I could make, and various ways to display my photos. Needless to say, I was VERY excited to start decorating my room!

The first thing I put up was the DIY Photo Frame I made a few weeks ago. You can find out how to make one yourself in this blog post: .


With me, I had brought a bunch of painted canvases that I had done over the past year. There were two distinct groups of them, so they were divided up and hung with their like group. The first collection of canvases were UW-Madison themed. I hung these up over my desk and finished off the area by hanging my Badger flag over them. I’m really happy with how this area turned out!

The other collection of canvases were a bit softer as they featured similar light purple, green, and blue colors. The majority of these canvases had quotes and went together quite well. These I centered over my tv and eight cube organizer. I thought that this helped to give this media area a more relaxed vibe. Plus I just really like how they all go together.


Before moving in, I had printed a bunch of photos from the past year and summer out at Walmart. I decided to display them in a simple way above my futon and chair, under my lofted bed. I used sticky tack (one of my favorite things for hanging things up, it’s great!) to fasten the photos to the wall. I thought this was a simple, yet organized way to display these photos.

I also hung up my Ed Sheeran flag and Badger pennant on the wall between my desk and “kitchen area.” To complete my room, I hung up some lights above my bed and strung some beneath as well. The star lights that are above my bed are from IKEA and can be found here: . They were a must find for me when I went through the IKEA in Seattle with my family. The string fairy lights were from Amazon and I had used them last year in my dorm room as well.

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After the first night in my room, I discovered that the blinds provided in the room did not do a decent job of blocking out the sunlight. The next time I came home, I picked up some blackout curtains at my local Meijer. They are turquoise/blue and match with the color scheme of my room perfectly. Their addition has helped with the light issue in my room.

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Overall, I’m really happy with how my room has come along so far. I still have another string of lights I might add, but other than that, I think it is pretty much done and feels pretty homey to me! Let me know what you think or how you are planning on decorating your room!

DIY Photo Frame


April 15, 2019

I’m always scrolling through Pinterest looking for my next crafty thing to do, and I’ve seen these DIY photo frames a few times now. As I’m moving back to college in a few days, I’m getting excited to start decorating my room. This DIY photo frame is a great way to display tons of photos of friends and family in the cutest way.

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To make a photo frame like this you will only need a few things: a frame, some rope, mini clothespins, a hot glue gun, and of course some photos to put in it. I had been looking for a rather inexpensive frame to do this project, as I was originally planning on painting my frame so I didn’t care how it looked. The frame I used was on sale at Michael’s and I really liked the white so I did not end up painting it (which made this even easier and quicker to do!). I also got the string at Michael’s. I already had a package of mini clothespins from a prior craft which I got at either Walmart or Hobby Lobby a while ago.

Because I wanted to fit a lot of photos into my frame, I decided to order some prints in the 4×4 square size from Walmart. They do one hour photos at a pretty good price and have a very easy online system to use. Some of the photos I ordered had a white frame around them because they came from my Instagram, so I was able to cut them out when I got home. Because I cut them out, they were in a variety of different shapes which I think makes them look a lot nicer in the frame.

To make the frame itself, I began with laying out my photos inside the frame the way that I planned on putting them in later. This made it easier to determine how many rows of photos I would have and how many pieces of string I would need to hot glue inside my frame.


Once I had this determined, I measured out (relatively) the distance I would have between each string row and marked this on the back side of the frame with a black marker. Next, I plugged in my handy dandy hot glue gun and cut the string while I waited for the glue to heat up. Once the glue was ready, I put a layer down on the frame, placed the string on top and pressed it in until it hardened. To be sure that the string would be set in place, I went back after all of the glue had dried and put another layer of hot glue on top–just in case!


After the string was in place and dry, I began to clip my photos in place with the mini clothespins. Altogether, it took me about 35 minutes to finish and I’m really happy with how it turned out!


I plan on hanging it up with some command strips once I get to Madison and I think it will be a great addition to the decorations in my room. If you are looking for a unique way to display your photos, this is a great, low cost, super quick and easy idea!