My List

I present to you my crazy and highly ambitious bucket/to do list. As an avid list maker, this is one that is constantly changing and growing. Slowly but surely I am continuing to cross items off but another always takes its place. Some of the items on my list are goals, some are dreams, and some I may never complete, but hey, a girl can dream right?


Travel Solo

Travel Solo by Plane

Visit all 50 states (21/50) ttp://

Study Abroad in London 

Travel to Australia

Travel to Mexico and Only Speak Spanish During the Trip

Go Zip Lining over Waterfalls in Hawaii

Visit the Tonight Show in New York

Visit The Ellen Show in California

Visit Ireland  (And it was amazing! Def go to the Cliffs of Moher!!)

Visit Vancouver, Canada

Travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina



Run a 7 min Mile

Run a 5k

Run a half-marathon

Complete 3 pull-ups in a row (⅓)

Run everyday for a month

Join and regularly attend a fitness class



Open up my own bakery (focus on cupcakes)

Eat a vegetarian diet for 10 days (this unintentionally happened during my first few weeks in London…)

Create my own cupcake recipe

Create my own cookie recipe

Try a new food each month for a whole year

Regularly eat salads

Learn how to pipe frosting and do so successfully



Learn how to do calligraphy

Learn how to play the guitar

Start a blog

Get into photography

Hold my breath underwater for 60 seconds

Balance items on my head and walk

Become ambidextrous (¾ of the way there)



Live on my own

Graduate with a minimum of a 3.5GPA

Rent an apartment

Own a house

Get a dog

Find a job I love

Meet Ed Sheeran (2/21/17 at BBC Radio 1 in London and 4/16/17 in Glasgow, Scotland)

Intern Internationally

Publish an Article in a Magazine or Newspaper (Check Milwaukee Magazine!)



White water raft

Horseback ride (Good old Rusty)

Sleep under the stars outside

Watch the sun rise over Port Washington 

Watch the sun rise over Lake Mendota

Be in a flash mob

Organize a surprise birthday party (My mom back in 3rd grade. It was AMAZING.)

Be on Ellen (not just attend the show, be interviewed)

Fill in as host for Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show (Ambitious, but at this point I’m basically a pro)

Intern for Jimmy Fallon

Attend a concert at Red Rocks

Meet Ed Sheeran

Walk Down Apple Blossom Ln, Grafton, WI (random)