Graduation Gifts: Bucky Edition


It’s high school grad party season which means good times with family and friends, free food, and yes, graduation gifts. The typical gift for a high school graduate heading off to college is a card with money enclosed. While this is the most commonly gifted item, it can get quite expensive to attend these graduation parties—especially when you’re a poor college student attending these parties without your parents. So instead, I have an alternative gift that can still be beneficial to the high school grad and much more heartfelt for those on a budget.

Two of my friends both graduated from high school this year and are headed off to the great UW-Madison, the school I currently call home. As freshman, they both will be living in the dorms this year and that means that they will be in need of some wall art to decorate their closet sized humble abodes that they will call home for the next year. A cute canvas with the school mascot, the famous Bucky Badger, serves as the perfect first piece to place on the cinder block walls of their dorm room. This is also a relatively inexpensive gift that will stand out on the gift table of the next grad party you attend.

To do so, you need a little artistic talent, a canvas, some paint, a paint brush, and possibly a computer and printer if you don’t think you can free-hand paint the outline of the mascot.

Bucky Canvas 1.jpg

I began with printing out an outline of Bucky Badger and cutting it so that I could trace it onto my canvas. I had to re-size my photo of Bucky a few times in order to get it to be the size I wanted on my canvas. Next, I traced Bucky in pencil onto my canvas. I then painted over the pencil with black paint. I continued to free-hand the inside details of bucky. When I finished with that I decided the canvas looked a bit bare. What better phrase to add to it than “If you want to be a badger, just come along with me,” for my future Badger ladies.

Bucky Canvas 2.jpg
This gift could easily be switched up for any high school graduate depending upon the university he or she is attending. Whether it is a Golden Eagle, a panther, a titan, or Bucky, the university mascot canvas gift is the perfect fun, meaningful high school graduation gift when attending summer graduation parties on a budget!

I’ve Missed You Old Friend

I've Missed You Old Friend 2.jpg

Since returning home from college, I’ve thought a lot about the things that I missed most while I was away. 9 long months away some from of my favorite things. How I managed, I’m not quite sure. I guess it’s true when people say “you never know what you’ve got til’ it’s gone.” Okay, maybe that is a little extreme for the things I’m talking about. These things I’ve missed aren’t actually gone gone-I just wasn’t able to see and use them for 9 months. 9 LONG MONTHS.

Here’s a list of my most missed things, in no particular order of course:

  1. Sophie. Who is Sophie you might ask? Why my lovely golden retriever pup. I haven’t been in contact with a dog since the last time I saw her during Spring Break, I would never cheat on her with another dog!
  2. My bathroom. Community bathrooms in dorms aren’t really thatttt bad. Who am I kidding, they’re actually quite awful. Especially when there are cockroach infestations and long hair coating the shower walls on the daily. I’ve never been happier to come back to my own bathroom.
  3. My bed. It’s not a joke, dorm beds are not comfortable whatsoever. Even with the three inches of foam I brought along with me in an attempt to mask the rock solid surface I would be sleeping on, it still does not match the comfort of my own bed.
  4. My kitchen. More specifically my oven and electric mixer. I love baking and while I attempted to continue to bake at school, hauling all of my supplies down to the SINGLE kitchen that services all 1,200 residents of Sellery Residence Hall was not worth the work.
  5. My car. While even if I had it with me in Madison, it would rarely be used, I missed it dearly. The luxury of hopping in the car to drive over to the grocery store instead of walking, (I know its only a block away currently), is dearly missed.
  6. DVR. Its exhausting trying to keep up with all the shows I watch when there is no DVR. While it is fun to live tweet along with Scandal, I still enjoy watching shows on my own time and fast forwarding through all those commercials.
  7. The parental units. I’ll admit it, sometimes all you really need is a hug from your mom and a good joke from your dad to brighten your day.
  8. My water. The water from my house is notorious for being the best. I don’t know why, but it really does taste better than any other water I’ve ever had. Don’t knock it til’ you try it.
  9. My piano. The ability to randomly sit down and play a song whenever I want has never been missed more.
  10. My in house tech dude. Okay, you got me, I meant Tyler.

Anyways, let me know some of the things that you missed, or would miss most if you were away from home for 9 months in the comments below.


Why a Blog?

Why a blog-

Social media is great. One can do a lot with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Each social media platform has their pros, their strengths, but none allows you to fully elaborate an idea in paragraphs while adding photos in an environment completely dedicated to doing such a thing. A blog does. Because of this, I created mostlymotto as a place to contain everything that my multiple social media platforms normally do-and more. Here, at mostlymotto, I can expand upon my ideas while also creating a place to showcase my writing and photography. mostlymotto serves as a digital folder for my ideas, crafts, baked goods, tips and tricks, and travel experiences in a written manner. 

Baking and painting canvases are activities I love to do in my free time. Whether it is experimenting with a new recipe or painting a quote I saw on Pinterest on a canvas, I like to showcase my work. Instagram allows me to do so. Instagram does not allow me to talk in depth about the process, the inspiration, and what may have gone wrong.

When I first started college, I found myself constantly scrolling through Pinterest pinning everything that had to do with college, dorm rooms, and study tips. I then discovered that most of those pins came from different blogs. Some were solely dedicated to college tips, others were lifestyle blogs or fashion blogs. When creating my blog I had to contemplate which of these categories my blog would fall under. I plan on sharing blog posts about crafting, baking, music, travel, college, fashion, photography, and anything else that happens to occur in my life. My hope is that at least one of these topics will be of interest to you and that you will continue to come back and read what I have to share.