Seattle Day 1

We arrived in Seattle, Washington at about 5:30 pm Seattle time (so 7:30 pm Wisconsin time). I was amazed by all the mountains we saw from the plane on the way in. The trip from Sea-Tac to our hotel, the Seattle Marriott Waterfront, took about 30 minutes by taxi. Along the way, we passed Centurylink … Continue reading Seattle Day 1

Badger Bakers

Most people only bake cut-out sugar cookies during the Christmas season, but I decided to switch it up and bake some during the hot summertime. Earlier in the summer I had picked up some Wisconsin Badger cookie cut-outs from a local baking shop, Downtown Dough, and decided it was finally time to use them for … Continue reading Badger Bakers

My College Packing List

Prior to leaving for college last year, I remember constantly scrolling through Pinterest pinning every single college packing list I could find. Many of these lists had overlapping items and some hand pointless items that were totally unnecessary to bring to college. After going through these lists for a few weeks, I combined and edited … Continue reading My College Packing List

Happy Birthday America

The Fourth of July is the most looked forward to holiday of the summer. Filled with family, friends, grilled out food, drinks, outdoor games, and of course fireworks. I spent my Fourth at my aunts house. She has a beautiful back patio filled with multiple seating areas, heating lamps, tiki torches, plants, and a hot … Continue reading Happy Birthday America

Why a Blog?

Social media is great. One can do a lot with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Each social media platform has their pros, their strengths, but none allows you to fully elaborate an idea in paragraphs while adding photos in an environment completely dedicated to doing such a thing. A blog does. Because of this, I … Continue reading Why a Blog?